Design For Your Home.
Zamagna Italia design is designed to help you find your freedom. The freedom to be what you are, to express your style through quality choices with an alternative imprint, outside the box. Zamagna Italia’s identity is just as different and out of the ordinary: we consider being alternative to be a value, and we aim to be the worthy alternative for you to represent your true essence through our design.


Zamagna Italia was born out of a long tradition of quality. A story that began in 1960 and is steeped in family values.

Attention to detail, the desire to design furniture and accessories that can complement everyday life by giving it the added and priceless value of Beauty, and that uniqueness that confers personality to every environment that Zamagna Italia becomes part of.
We believe in quality.
We are involved in each stage, from the initial idea to the realisation of the final product that will be part of your life and your home.

An idea that can have a positive impact on people’s lives. A beautiful and functional design. The selection of the highest quality materials. Workmanship that is the result of experience, expertise and a continuous quest to improve techniques and processes. It is only in this way that a piece of furniture ceases to be simply an object and becomes an essential element of its owner’s life.


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